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The MICRODIS consortium consists of sixteen leading academic and policy expert institutions from across Europe and Asia who are specialized in key areas of disaster-related health and social science disciplines. Although Europe hosts a number of large and reputable institutes of earth science, partners for the current proposal have been drawn almost exclusively from disaster-relevant health, social and economic disciplines, to ensure tight adherence with the project specifications as outlined in the call. Our partners have been selected on the basis of their experience and broad range of scientific and technical skills necessary to fulfil the objectives of the MICRODIS project. The MICRODIS consortium represents the full spectrum of experts (from those involved at the community through to global policy level) in the following key disciplines:

Health: This area includes specialists in epidemiology and disaster health management, tropical health and hygiene, public health researchers, health system analysts, trainers and policy experts.

Social: Specialists with insight into the social impacts of disasters have been drawn from the fields of sociology, social and medical anthropology, development and gender studies. In addition, experts in environmental and earth sciences are expected to strengthen MICRODIS’ multi-faceted framework.

Economics: Selected for their expertise in development economics, environmental and resource economics, international trade and regional economics, organizations such as the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, various academic institutions and a private consultancy company will contribute to disaster impact studies at micro- and macro-economic levels. Integration: The consortium has both specialists in integrated models for disasters who research the concepts of vulnerability across sectors and themes. In addition, there are specialists in more than one thematic area, such social and economics, health and economics and social and health. This latter attribute strengthens substantially the ability of this consortium to generate interdisciplinary models that are credible in all individual disciplines. International policy: In addition to the existing overlapping expertise of many of the partners, some consortium members have been engaged for their particular relevance to disaster-related international policy and cross-sector integration.

Whilst the consortium partners have been clustered into broad thematic areas, it should be noted that in many cases the individual organizations and experts also represent multidisciplinary skill-sets and capacities. In this way, the consortium draws together the very best of specialized knowledge to facilitate a new level of integration and synergy across health, social and economic sectors in order to achieve the MICRODIS objectives. To achieve these objectives and aims, the MICRODIS project involves an international consortium of sixteen committed and reputable expert partners from across Europe and Asia.