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Symposium on Medical Anthropology and Disaster Management organized as Plenary session in 2nd Society for Indian Medical Anthropology Conference,
Kannada University, Hampi, India (February 2010) P.C. Joshi, S. Kaushal, P. Khattri and B.S. Aribam of University of Delhi.

Included in this document are the following papers:

  • Paper No.1: Medical Anthropology and Disaster Management
  • Paper No 2: Flood Impacts on Cough and Cold among under Five Children in Baharaich District, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Paper No 3: Health Impact of Flood in Baharaich District of Uttar Pradesh
  • Paper No 4: Health and Violence against Women; A Case Study of Kosi Flood in Bihar
  • Paper No. 5: Trauma and Suffering in Medical Anthropology: Some Reflection in Context of Findings from Jammu and Kashmir
  • Paper No. 6: Micro finance, Women Health and Empowerment; A Case study of Self Employed Women Association (SEWA), Bikaner, Rajashtan